Milena Plebs Tampereella 17.-19.5.2019

Workshops 17.-19.5.2019

It is a great honor to receive in Tampere a Tango dancer, choreographer, teacher and researcher with the trajectory and the value in the history of tango as MILENA PLEBS.

The Tampere association “Tango aMoroso” celebrates its 10 years anniversary of uninterrupted work in the diffusion of the culture and the dance of the Argentine tango. And this is a perfect opportunity to celebrate with the presence of a fundamental artist in the development and growth of the Argentine Tango dance, as is MILENA PLEBS.



FRIDAY 17.5. (classes for couples, all levels)

18-20 CHAT with Milena Plebs about present and evolution of argentine tango: roots, old tradition and styles. (30 min)
CLASS: The essence of tango: walk, comfortable embrace, elegant sequences.

SATURDAY 18.5. (classes for couples, all levels)

10-11.30 Technique for couples: individual axis – axis of the couple. Connection and harmony. Steps of old milongueros.
11.45-13.15 Giros, paradas, adornos. Dancing with the music. Exercises and sequences.

SUNDAY 19.5. Ladies Tango Day with Milena Plebs!

13-14 Basic elements: posture-axis-walk-body control. Pivots-8’s.
14:15-15:15 Technique for embellishments-connection. Torsion and spirals: comfortable dancing.
15:30-16:30 Technique for giros and boleos.

15’ pause between each class. Bring flat and heeled shoes!
The topics of the classes are correlative, it is advisable to attend to all classes.


Friday and Saturday

  • all classes (3 x 90 min) 70 eur / person
  • one class 25 eur / person


  • all classes (3 x 60 min) 50 eur / person
  • one class 20 eur / person




PERJANTAI 17.5. (tunnit pareille, kaikki tasot)

Klo 18-20 Milena Plebsillä on asiaa! Milena kertoo argentiinalaisen tangon nykyhetkestä ja kehityksestä perinteisestä seuratanssista moderniksi tanssilajiksi. (30 min)
CLASS: Tangon perusteet: kävely, tanssiasento eli abrazo, elegantit sarjat.

LAUANTAI 18.5. (tunnit pareille, kaikki tasot)

Klo 10-11.30 Tekniikkaa pareille: oma akseli – yhteinen akseli. Harmonia ja yhteys. Vanhojen milonguerojen askelkuviot.
Klo 11.45-13.15 Giros, paradas, adornos, eli käännökset, pysäytykset ja koristeet. Musiikkiin tanssiminen. Harjoituksia ja sarjoja.

Ladies Tango Day with Milena Plebs!
(3 tuntia 15’ tauko tuntien välissä)

Klo 13-14 Perusteet: asento-akseli-kävely-kehonhallinta. Pivotit-ochot.
Klo 14:15-15:15 Koristeita ja kontaktia. Vartalon kierrot ja spiraalit: tanssi mukavasti!
Klo 15:30-16:30 Giron ja boleoiden tekniikkaa.

15’ tauko tuntien välissä. Mukaan matalat kengät ja korkkarit!
Sunnuntain naisten tekniikkatunnit muodostavat jatkumon, joten on suositeltavaa osallistua kaikille tunneille.


Perjantai ja lauantai

  • kaikki tunnit (3 x 90 min) 70 eur / hlö
  • yksittäinen tunti 25 eur / hlö

Sunnuntain tunnit

  • kaikki tunnit (3 x 60 min) 50 eur / hlö
  • yksittäinen tunti 20 eur / hlö



MILENA PLEBS, Tango dancer, choreographer, teacher and researcher, performed as modern dancer with “Grupo de Danza Contemporánea del Teatro San Martín de Buenos Aires”. Was part for four years of the Broadway production “Tango Argentino”, by Claudio Segovia and Héctor Orezzoli, and created the “Tango x 2 Company” along with Miguel Zotto in 1990. She is the creator of “Tramatango” and produced the documentary video “Milena baila el tango. con Ezequiel Farfaro”. Milena writes tango articles for the tango magazine “El Tangauta”. She teaches around the world, and also gives lectures about history and development of argentine tango.

Fb and Instagram: Milena Plebs Tang Co.


Miguel Angel Zotto and Milena Plebs 1996

Milena Plebs and Pancho Martínez Pey


Tango aMoroso 10 vuotta!