ONLINE LADIES TANGO DAY with Carina Quiroga (AR)


Hello ladies, looking forward to a new edition of Ladies Tango Day with a renovated concept. We are going to work in our technique and this time we will focus on our training.Train to embrace our body and our own dance. And also to be ready to feel and enjoy our beloved tango embrace when possible.
Train to keep our body open and happy to be able to dance.Keeping the flame burning! The flame of our desire to dance and express ourselves, of our body in motion. The flame of sharing our dance with others although, for now, the conditions are different.

Teacher: Carina Quiroga (AR)
Language of instruction is English (and a little Finnishif needed)

11-11.45 Training: we consciously prepare the body to work. Parallel and oblique lines, supports and elastics. The force of the center as the motor of the freedom of the extremities. Dance comfortably! Elements: walk, sides, decorations, enganches. Serie.
15 min BREAK
12-12.45 Spirals 1: The beauty of the free leg and shaft alignment. Different forms and musicality. Elements: ochos, boleos, enrosques. Serie.
15 min Questions, answers, comments.

FOR WOMEN ONLY! The classes are for intermediate and advanced level.

PRICE: € 20 per person.
(2 classes per 45 min)

Buy the workshop on the following link (or directly from the bottom of this page) and you will receive a link to participate in the Zoom meeting.…/ladies…

For training we will need a yoga mat, a chair, wool socks, comfortable clothes, training shoes or high heels and enthusiasm to learn and train.

More info about Carina:

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La Fabrica del Tango Christmas Market will happen with appointment during december. Shoes and clothes from famous designers from abroad and from Finland are waiting for you. Link to the Facebook event is here:
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