Ladies Tango Weekend 6.-8.4.2018

La Fábrica del Tango, Tampere

Upea tangoviikonloppu upeiden naisopettajien kanssa!

PERJANTAI – tunti pareille, kaikki tasot
19 h. Kehon arkkitehtuuria – tekniikkatunti

11 h. Akseli. Kävely. Koristelu.
12.30 h. Lounastauko
13 h. Etu- ja takaochot. Tekniikka ja musikaalisuus.
14.30 h. Kahvitauko
14.45 h. Giro ja seuraajan rooli. Giron eri muodot ja musikaalisuus.

SUNNUNTAI -tunnit pareille, kaikki tasot
11 h. Akseli ja abrazo. Kävely ja yhteys tanssipariin. Pivot ja käännökset.
12.30 h. Kahvitauko
12.45 h. Boleot! Vienti, vastaus ja tulkinta.

Vierailevat opettajat ovat Claudia Cavagnini (IT), joka opetti viime syksynä Tampereen Tangoviikolla, ja Candela Ramos (AR). Mukana myös paikalliset opettajat Maria Elisabet Lauren (FI) ja Carina Quiroga (AR). Lisätiedot opettajista alla englanniksi.

HINNAT: €20 per oppitunti per henkilö, tai 3 oppituntia €55 per henkilö.

Perjantain ja sunnuntain tunneille ilmoittaudutaan parin kanssa! Lauantain tunneille ilmoittaudutaan yksin.

Perjantai: Practica 20.30-22.30h
Viikonlopun tunneille osallistujat 0€, muut 5€
Lauantai: LA FABRICA MILONGA, 21-1h
Sisäänpääsy: €5 TangoAmoroson jäsenet ja workshoppien osallistujat, muut 8€


La Fábrica del Tango, Tampere

The most amazing weekend with amazing female teachers!

FRIDAY -class for couples. All levels.
19 h. Body Architecture – technique class

11 h. The axis, walking with freedom and confidence. Ornaments.
12.30 h. Lunch break
13 h. Training the front and back ochos, and playing with music.
14.30 h. Coffee break
14.45 h. Giro and the role of woman. Different forms and musicality in turns.

SUNDAY -classes for couples. All levels.
11 h. The axis in the embrace, the connection in the walk, pivots and turns.
12.30 h. Coffee break
12.45 h. Boleos! the lead, reception and response.

The visiting teachers are Claudia Cavagnini (IT), who was last year at the Tampere Tango Week, and Candela Ramos (AR). And also our well-known local teachers Maria Elisabet Lauren (FI) and Carina Quiroga (AR) -more info about teachers down.

PRICES: €20 per class per person, or 3 workshops €55 per person.

Classes for couples, it is necessary to attend and register with a partner.

Friday: AFTER CLASS PRACTICA, 20.30-22.30h
Free for the workshop participants. Other €5
Saturday: LA FABRICA MILONGA, 21-1h
Entrance: €5 for TangoAmoroso members. Others 8€


Candela Ramos took her first dance’s steps in a ballet barre with 6 years old and passing through Ballet, Modern dance, Jazz, Contemporary jazz, Arabe, Yoga, Argentinian Folklore and many techniques of Contemporary Dance arrived into Tango. She is a young teacher and dancer who already did a long way with professionalism and quality by her own. She started teaching in DNI Tango School in Argentina for several years and after she moved to Berlin as a base from where to travel teaching mainly around Europe in Festivals, schools and special events. In her instance in Berlin, she meets Axis Syllabus, a methodology for movement description using bio-mechanics, anatomy and physics for movement’s studies. Now she is part of their researcher’s Network and is a Candidate to be a Certificated teacher. She has the mission to apply those terms into Tango with the goal of getting more energy efficiency, comfortableness, to open the range of movement choices and prevent insures or at least to trace a suitable solution.

Claudia Cavagnini started dancing when she was 8 years old. She discovered her passion for dance in its different forms, being jazz her favorite, which she practiced for 8 years. At the age of 17, she discovered Tango by chance and fell in love with it: the passion within it led her to study intensively with great maestros of different generations and in 2011 she moves to Buenos Aires in order to follow the Tango dream. There, she gets into the tango company DNI Tango de Buenos Aires.
In 2014, she comes back to Italy where she goes on studying, teaching and dancing, collaborating with some of the best maestros and dancers of north Italy.
Currently his dance partner is John Zabala. Their dancing style is based on improvisation, on traditional bases with modern nuances, which gives them a wide approach to Tango. In addition, they always keep teaching Tango as a social dance and popular argentine culture.


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