TTW 2019 – The 7th international Tampere Tango Week

La Fabrica del Tango proudly presents: The 7th International Tampere Tango Week is here! A full program of Argentine tango and Argentine folk dance classes, practicas, milongas and a concert.

Visiting maestros all come from Argentina this year:
Luis Rojas (AR)
Ana Paula Turica (AR)
German Doncel (AR)


Monday 14.10.2019 (La Fabrica del Tango)
18-19h Folklore (Argentine folk dance) con Luis Rojas 15€

Tuesday 15.10.2019 (Teerenkellari)
18-19h Tango class con Luis Rojas
19-22h MisTresMilonga, DJ Luis Rojas

Wednesday 16.10.2019 (LFDT)
18-19h Folklore con Luis Rojas 15€

Thursday 17.10.2019 (LFDT)
18-19h Folklore con Luis Rojas 15€
19h Argentine folk music concert con Turica-Doncel 15/10€
20-22h Argentine folk dance evening, pena

Friday 18.10.2019 (LFDT)
19-20.30h Workshops with teachers of La Fábrica del Tango and Luis Rojas
20.30-22h Practica con los maestros

La 19.10.2019 (LFDT)
11-16.30h Workshops
20-01h Gran Milonga, DJ Luis Rojas, show 15/10€

Su 20.10.2019
14h Workshop
16-20h La Milonguita, DJ Luis Rojas 8/5€

Registration to the folklore workshops of Luis Rojas and weekend tango workshops here!


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